Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community that describes itself as “putting the law of attraction and other universal laws and principles to the test”.

The CCOR 100-Day Reality Challenge is an experiment rooted in a belief that through collective thoughts, words and actions, a new and better world can be achieved. The 100-Day Reality Challenge “addresses the fact that while the self-help industry is huge, most people don’t have the structure needed to act on the concepts”. On this website, you can follow users from all over the globe during their 100-Day Reality Challenges through blogs and video blogs as they put the Law of Attraction to the test.

Sandy Grason, Laura Duksta and Lilou Mace have created this community in 2005.
Click here to read about Sandy, Laura and Lilou

Our mission is to educate, entertain and transform the world.
CCOR is now a worldwide experiment and movement!

Here is some information about us and the community:


The idea for the 100 Day challenge and Co-Creating Our Reality started in 2005. Laura Duksta and Sandy Grason, two best-selling authors and aficionados of mastermind groups where focusing at the time on “Enlightened Wealth”. Looking for a new “Millions dollar idea”, they began looking at the current reality shows on TV and saw an opportunity for creating a positive and empowering reality TV show. They starting discussing the idea of following several individuals and watching their progress as they practiced Universal laws and principles and do regularly meditation, journaling, visualization, reading, etc.

Laura and Sandy immediately thought of discussing the idea with Lilou Mace, a young Internet entrepreneur passionate about Internet technologies, online branding strategies, and the self-help industry. The synchronicity and chemistry between those 3 women was irrefutable. Co-creating our reality was born.

They named the project “Co-Creating Our Reality” as they where clear that not only are we co-creating with each other, but they all 3 believed in the power of the magical energy that is created when two or more individuals gather together for the greater good. We are co-creating with these practices, with Universal Laws and Principles and with the Divine Energy of the Universe. They wanted to acknowledge that we are always co-creating our lives and our experiences and their intention was to bring a consciousness to everyday reality.

Since they had no idea what this “experiment” would look like, they decided to take it on themselves for 100 days. They had read many, many books, learned incredible concepts from amazing teachers and attended numerous seminars, but where wondering what progress they would make in their lives if they applied all of them consistently for 100 Days. Laura and Sandy had both written books of their own, Lilou had founded few companies including an empowering portal online. But although, they met success, they had always been a certain inconsistency in results. They saw that the results where in portion of their involvement into life, and how often they would be applying those teachings and practices. Life happens. You start, you stop, you get sidetracked, taken off course.

They started recording their daily video journals with their webcams from home and upload them on Lilou;s empowerment website. The results of the experiment where visible to all. The 3 ladies decided to expand on the concept and look for new ways to make it easy for people to participate in the 100 Day Challenge worldwide and from their living room. They decided to bet on YouTube, a new Internet player at the time, that was allowing people to easily upload and share video clips. As YouTube expanded and was then bought in November 2006 by Google, the reach of each video expanded and as a consequence the number of viewers and participants.

With the success of the movie The Secret and it’s appearance on The Oprah Show, our youtube community received a flood of new participants from all over the world. Soon we were receiving videos from Asia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, South America, U.K. and all across the U.S. The community members where so enthusiastic about finding a place where they could put the tools they learned from The Secret into practice. The 100 Day Reality Challenge has since then provided the perfect structure for thousands of people, as well as a global community of like-minded people who support you in living your Biggest Vision.

You can begin your own 100 Day Reality Challenge at any time by logging onto and signing up!


Here is an easy guide and steps to get you started on your journey!

1. SIGN UP ON CCOR website
If you aren’t ready to start your 100 Day Reality Challenge you can still sign up, create your own user page which will allow you to join groups, comment and post videos and blogs…be a part of this amazing community today! Create your profile, add your pictures and your country and city. This is important for other members in the same area to connect with each other too! Right now over 100 countries are registered in the 100 Day Reality Challenge!

2. Set up a date by which you want to start your Season 1 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge. If you have done the 100 Day Reality Challenge 2 times, then you will start on Season 3, etc. - For additional support we recommend you get a group of friends to start at the same time as you, in your city, and set up meetings to share your results!

3. What are your intentions and goals for the next 100 Days?
What do you want to manifest and achieve within the next 100 Days? Be fit, Find financial harmony, Attract awesome people in your life, Make new Friends, Attract your Soulmate, Be health, Be more connected, Making a difference, Finding Peace of Mind, Receive creative ideas, Feeling good, Be joyful everyday, Have more energy....What do you Really, Really want?

4. Select the practices that you will apply for the next 100 days: meditation, journaling, video blogging, reading, gratitude, mastermind, etc. - Click here for co-creators practices

5. Share your journey on blogs or videos blogs on this website, or both!

6. Invite friends to this network and socialize with other participant! HAVE FUN!

1.Posted by Julie Rehfeld on 10/10/2010 1:02 PM
Finding your YouTube site today is truly kismet. I have been exploring The Law of Attraction recently, discovered Abraham-Hicks, Bob Proctor, et al in just the last few weeks. I had seen The Secret and read the book but understood that there were some fundamentals missing. I kind of put it aside for several years. I wasn't ready.yet. Now I am!
Six weeks ago I would have exclaimed at the coincidence that just 3 days ago I stumbled upon a site called and signed up on it. I'm laughing as I type this because I know coincidence has nothing to do with it, and attraction has everything to do with it I am so excited about all of this. I have started planning my vision board, am making a powerpoint version of it as well and will likely make a little Julie movie too..
I also just started a blog, which will be live in a few days, called Julies self improvement How perfect that all of this is coming to me now, in the most perfect way in the most perfect time; better and better, every day.

2.Posted by Anky on 02/28/2016 8:06 PM
Hello dear co-creators,

together with a friend we are starting our third 100-day-challenge on Facebook the 8th of march. We started our first season in july 2015. Actually we are single women and want to manifest our soulmate... so we are encouraging us on this side. But more and more it is although about personal improvement...

We are following on our private Facebook page a "gratitude journal", writing often as possible why are we grateful. We are writing about our intentions... and after 50 days or so we are looking back and motivating us to go step by step in the right direction.

We adore the work of Lilou Mace who encourage us to start the 100-day-challenge! And we often post one of her video to motivate us... we started a private page because it was for both of us scary to work with a lot of unknown people.

Would be great if you will join us! We are two friends from Washington, U.S. and Cologne, Germany... about 40 to 50 years old. You can contact me under It is absolutely non-profit, non-professional... just an adventure!

Let´s start a new life on the 8th of march 2016! Day of the women! Thank you, Anke

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