30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker

Juicy Living Series: Volume 1

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International Internet guru Lilou ‘The Big L’ Mace believes in the Law of Attraction (as revealed in The Secret) and that we can create anything we want using the power of our thoughts. Drawn to the USA from France, she used this law to co-found the ‘100-Day Reality Challenge’ community, to build a following of thousands of YouTubers, and to ‘manifest’ a meeting with Oprah Winfrey, someone she greatly admires without wishing to copy. (‘The Big L’ believes that being true to your unique Self is crucial to success.)

Now she’s in London and she’s lost her job. The time has come to test her beliefs to the limit: at a time of global crisis can she use the Law of Attraction to find her dream job, and thereby ‘empower millions’ to do likewise?

This is her stream-of-consciousness diary, written over a month, from the moment she was sacked. Travel with her as she grapples with doubt, relishes avocados and finds something good, even in what at first appear to be the most disheartening of setbacks. Deploying a battery of mood-shifting, life-enhancing, and possibly reality-changing techniques, she attempts to prove to herself – and to you! – that a better way of living is possible. …That one can live a truly Juicy Life!

While 30-something Lilou would probably get on with the fictional Bridget
Jones, her real-life diary is a very different thing. Humble, moving, funny and perceptive, it epitomises the style of leadership she believes the world desperately needs. If Lilou’s approach works, this book might just be The Survival Guide for Our Times, and she the vanguard of a revolution.

Read it, and, most importantly, try it out!

ISBN 978-0-9562546-0-3


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CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO BOOK REVIEW OF I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT from youtubers to famous authors...

"Lilou Mace's endearing and heart-achingly honest story is what you'd get if you combined Bridget Jones and The Secret. It's a short and easy and inspiring read and it's hard not to fall in love with Lilou as she shares her journey; you feel as though you're a close friend she's confiding in." - Gaia Team

"Just got done reading this and I am so touched by it! Probably one of the best books I've
ever read (and I've read some good ones)." - Satoshi Morikawa

"This book is a rip roaring read. It will challenge you, and encourage you to shift the way
you live to a more trusting and positive focus - away from the miserable combative view of
life that so many people are trapped in. Buy it now." - Colin Gajewski

“ I just loved this little book! Lilou writes in a very warm conversational manner. I felt like
she was right there with me, encouraging me to go for my dreams. I have already ordered
two more for friends of mine who lost their jobs.” - Marla Martenson, Author of Excuse Me,
Your Soulmate is Waiting

“ I devoured half the book in that first day and cannot wait to finish it, and to buy the next
one, and the next one. What a treat this book is!”- Eric G.

"Lilou Mace is a fountain of energy and confidence, yet when she lost her highly paid job she
suffered, as all of us can, from a momentary blow to her self confidence. This book is her
journal of her thoughts and actions as she discovers, in fact, that her life has just been set
free so she can do what she really feels to be authentic. For anyone who is looking to use
the Law of Attraction and to change their life this will be a most useful book. - Dr Allan
Hunter - Author of "Stories We Need to Know" and "The Six Archetypes of Love"

"It is written in clear easy to understand terms and at times you feel the author is right
there in the room with you, talking to you. Lilou has a gift for motivating everyone to strive
for their best life." - Christine Hancock

"Lilou's book is a much needed tool for anyone facing a job or financial crisis. I found the
book to be very uplifting, and her enthusiasm for life is infectious. And that she wrote it and
got it out to the world so fast is a testament to her energy. Highly recommend this little
treasure!" - Ryan A. Harris

“You are actually reading and holding the author’s manifested dreams in your hands! Now
that is a very powerful and inspirational thing indeed.” - David King

“ Lilou's book is very much about the trials and pitfalls of a current-age jobseeker. She is
very candid and yet very courageous in her quest to boldly walk from a routine job (and
being suddenly fired) towards her new dream-job. She has a real talent coupled with some
fascinating mentoring to guide herself and the reader through these massive challenges.” -
David G Royffe

"After I lost my job last summer, I came upon one of Lilou Mace's inspiring videos on You
Tube. Ironically, at the time, I was in search of an Oprah video clip that might cheer/inspire
me. That is how I was introduced to Lilou Mace -- as she had posted videos telling the story
of how, through the power of positive thinking, she had fulfilled her dream of meeting
Oprah! Some time later, I also found a video in which Lilou spoke of losing her job, and I
was truly amazed how well she captured my own emotions and thoughts when I went
through that experience! Not long ago, Lilou wrote and published her first book: "I Lost My
Job and I Liked It". It is a heartwarming and soul inspiring book that I found completely
authentic and in all ways one-of-a-kind -- just llike Lilou Mace. I would highly recommend
this book. I would highly recommend Lilou Mace as an author, a videographer and one of
those rare spirits who make a difference in every life she touches. BRAVO!"- Linda Papciak

"I have just finished reading 'I Lost my Job and I Liked It' by Lilou Mace and it is a fantastic
read. This is her story of applying the Law of Attraction to fulfilling her dreams, after she'd
lost her job. In the current economic climate this book is such a big inspiration - it drives
the reader forward to following their dreams too as they share the journey with Lilou, I
literally couldn't put the book down, its exciting, honest, heart warming and sometimes
brought tears to my eyes as I resonated with it so much - it has helped me and inspired me
to follow my hearts desires and to never lose sight of them - there are so many useful ideas
in the book too. I discovered Lilou Mace a little while ago on Youtube and she is an absolute
angel - from following The Secret and Esther and Jerry Hicks I found Lilou and quite frankly
have never looked back - I can't wait for her next book." - Jean Dayton

"I've been following Lilou for a while now on CCOR -www.cocreatingourreality.comand first
of all I think she is an amazing young lady!! She moved June 2008 from Chicago to London for
a new job which she lost last February. Needless to say that it is not an easy time to loose a
job........But there was Lilou!! Instead of getting full of fear and depressed....of course she has her
moments....she turned the negative into a positive and decided to create her dream job!! And so
she did!!

Approx a month later she had finished writing her book: I lost my job and I liked it!! And shortly
after that it was published.......She writes very open from her heart how she experienced the loss
of her job and how she handled it. The book is really a MUST READ for everybody who lost a
job to get inspired and to put the Law Of Attraction into action.....
Since the financial crises is a global issue I really think that Lilou’s book will be of service to all
the people without a job AND needs to be promoted like wise…….that is world wide!!-

1.Posted by Wanda Gaskins on 01/20/2010 6:44 PM
Hi Lilou..I found your cocreating your reality and have been a member since 12/28.

So I've introduced your sight to many friends and they also enjoyed it.

I am a holistic therapist using massage, aromatherapy and guided imagery and I also write inspirational poetry and because of inspiration from CCOR have started a blog

My desire is to create an online Wellness Program and want to know how to create online mp3 recordings?..Any tips she can offer.

2.Posted by Mitch Drew on 09/09/2010 8:39 PM
Thanks for this great information. More people are going to get fired...and more people need to know that there is life after.

Thank you for showing me the door

Mitch Drew
Vancouver, Canada

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