Lilou Macé is a French-American author, webTV host and international Internet video blogger since 2005 with over 42-million video views on her youtube channels and the co-founder of an global Internet community, The 100-Day Reality Challenge

Read More about Lilou Mace on Wikipedia.

Lilou is also an international speaker. She spoke about the power of active co-creation at a TEDx event in France in Octobre 2013. To watch her TEDx talk in French, subtitled in english (turn Caption ON video), click here. Lilou webTV for french speakers is called La Télé de Lilou and is very popular in France, Belgium, Switzerland and in Quebec.

Lilou is now travelling around the world interviewing people to offer online everyday wisdom and inspiration on the Lilou Mace TV Her webTV offers free videos online and is supported via donations. Click here if you would like to support this media.

In April 2009 she wrote 'I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker' after loosing her job on the 16th of February 2009, as Internet Marketing Director, in London. Since then Lilou wrote I Had No Money and I Liked it (2010) and I Have No Religion and I like it (2015)

Lilou’s Youtube videos (over 3,000 videos) in english and french document her participation in life on her world tour of interviews featuring world famous authors, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs that Lilou qualifies as 'Juicy'. Lilou chooses her guests for their aliveness, wisdom and embodiment of the new world emerging all around the world.

Her international guests includes Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Mark Nepo, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Joe Dispenza, James Redfield, Derek Mills, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr James Hardt, John Gray, Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette, Mooji, Foster Gamble, David Icke, Baptist de Pape, Dr John Demartini, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Drew Heriot, Amma, Debbie Ford, Patrick Flanagan and many more!


Early Life and Studies
Lilou was born in Santa Barbara, California, to French parents, Jean-Yves Macé and Irène Martin. Moving back to France and celebrating her first birthday in a transatlantic flight, Lilou grew up primarily in France Nantes and Cholet) and in the United States Scottsdale, Arizona, until 1996 when her studies helped her fulfil her passion to travel, discover new cultures and gain the International experience she had been longing for.

During her four-year Bachelor degree in European Business Studies (1996-2000), Lilou studied in ESC La Rochelle and Oxford Brookes University, and wrote her final year dissertation on “How to create a strong brand online”, graduating in 2000 with honours. Her major in International Marketing led her to increase her Internet and marketing skills during a 14-month internship for Nortel Networks in Mainhead, UK and in Silicon Valley, California, US.

Between November 2000 and October 2006, Lilou resided in Florida, mainly in Fort Lauderdale, after which she moved to Chicago, where she went on to meet her role model Oprah Winfrey, start her own cable TV show, initially called “My Juicy Life” (and then “Live a Juicy Life”), living there until the end of July 2008.

Lilou has embarked on various projects explicitly aimed at helping people and companies fulfil their potential, notably the 100-Day Reality Challenge, MpowerU and her book I Lost My Job and I liked it: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker. A subjective appraisal of the many comments posted in response to Lilou’s work suggests she has established herself in the public mind as a well-liked, humble, moving, funny and perceptive Internet personality, ably demonstrating the style of leadership she believes the world desperately needs (according to I Lost My Job and I Liked It).

Interested in the power of brands and their influence on our daily lives, between January 2000 and June 2008, Lilou owned a company called Emotional Brands. Emotional Brands’ services included online branding, website design and online marketing.

Emotional Brands’ international portfolio of clients included leading brands in the hospitality and motivational industries, and was this young CEO’s first attempt to bring her two main passions together: travel and inspiring people.

In 2003, Lilou started to live her true passion after she founded MpowerU, a small company providing an inspirational online portal to promote book authors, motivational seminars, and teachings, in one free archive for all to access.

This lead to her co-founding the popular 100-Day Reality Challenge, also known as Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) with Sandy Grason, author of Journalution and Laura Duksta, author of the best-selling children’s book I Love You More. This community counts now over 28,000 members and 125 countries (this includes the french version of the site

Co-Creating our Reality

Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community that describes itself as “putting the law of attraction and other universal laws and principles to the test”. The CCOR 100-Day Reality Challenge is an experiment rooted in a belief that through collective thoughts, words and actions, a new and better world can be achieved. The 100-Day Reality Challenge “addresses the fact that while the self-help industry is huge, most people don’t have the structure needed to act on the concepts”. On this website, you can follow users from all over the globe during their 100-Day Reality Challenges through blogs and video blogs as they put the Law of Attraction to the test.

Internet TV Host
In 2006, Lilou started to video-blog on YouTube. Since its establishment her channel there has become increasingly popular , for example, her video Quick and Effective guided visualization” has clocked over 450,000 views and, and Using the Law of Attraction to meet Oprah Winfrey” over 120,000.

Lilou met Oprah Winfrey shortly after moving to Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. On the 9th of November 2006, Lilou Mace was in the audience of the Oprah Show on the theme of “Dream Jobs”. Lilou states that this experience changed her life, making her more determined to live her dreams, and host one day her own morning TV show and empower millions daily.

She details her experiences meeting Oprah (four times, including at the premier of The Secret) and other big names, such as Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne in her YouTube video playlist “Meeting Oprah Winfrey: from dream to reality”.

A few months later, with no television or broadcasting background, Lilou went on to produce and host a cable TV show called “My Juicy Life”.

She states:
“Inspired by Oprah, I started on CAN TV, public access TV, free for all Chicagoans. I put together a team of volunteers and starting airing in January 2007 the first episodes of “My Juicy Life” which then become "Live a Juicy Life” aimed at inspiring people to fully live their purpose and passions in life, to ‘live a juicy life’ as I like to call it. We interviewed inspiring authors such as Sandy Grason, Judith Wright, John Gray, Sonia Choquette, and Karyn Calabrese. The apprenticeship was not easy but as I was stepping outside of my comfort zone and unlocking new potential, new doors opened up.”

One of her dreams is to host a daily television show that will “empower millions of people to live fulfilled lives”.

Guided Visualization CD

Lilou has recorded several daily law-of-attraction visualization mp3s to “help people attract their dream jobs; restore their natural weight, SET daily intentions and shift their moods”. Her “gentle yet powerful visualizations” are one of the daily practices Lilou uses in her life “to manifest her dreams”. The tracks were recorded and commercialised in 2009 on Amazon as “Law-of-Attraction Visualizations and Meditations” but also on this website for download. Other practices of Lilou’s include creating vision boards, video-blogging, participating in the 100 Day Reality Challenge, masterminding, journaling, “being grateful and taking 100% responsibility in her life”.

More updates on new Facebook page

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58.Posted by Theresa Reilly on 12/29/2016 9:47 PM
I found your videos on youtube and love them. Thank you. You might love this person for personal growth:

Guest speaker suggestion: Susan Anderson, "Taming the Outer Child"

Many blessings to you.

57.Posted by Eric Tadros on 01/05/2016 4:26 AM
Salut Lilou, je te suis depuis 2-3 ans du Quebec Bel oeuvre. Merci. Voici une chanson qui est inspire de tes idees Vis ta vie:

Bonne continuite.
Eric & Daniel Tadros

56.Posted by Gus Hightower on 07/07/2015 7:29 PM
Hi LiLou

I watched the interview in Venice, CA., and will share your info with others.

Please let me know if you visit, speak in Atlanta.

55.Posted by Daniel on 06/18/2014 7:21 PM
Un petit salut du Québec. J'adore tes capsules, c'est un bel ajout à TPV. Tu es resplendissante, énergique et inspirante! Continue le bon travail Lilou!

54.Posted by Paola on 12/13/2013 7:45 AM
Perfect example of how social media can be used for the greater good. Thank you for sharing your journey and interviews with us. It's been both educational and enriching.
Bless you!

53.Posted by hatt on 12/07/2013 10:30 PM
I just want to thank you Lilou for all your good work. I have been watching your interviews for a couple of years now, and I have learned so much and my heart has been so touched by I have heard. May Spirit continue to guide and support you. Peace, Love and all Good.

52.Posted by Silvia on 11/24/2013 3:30 AM
Lilou, you've been amazing these past three years! You taught the world how the internet could be our strongest tool for inner change. But now we need you to start something really new, WE NEED YOU TO INTERVIEW COMMON PEOPLE. We need to know anonymous people like us are waking up ALL TOGETHER! We need to see and here common people all around the world talk about their need to join peaceful moviments (like Thrive, Zeitgeist, The Venus Project etc.) that you yourself introduced to the world. This feeling of loneliness in many can go away by simply showing humanity that we are making the step together, even though we aren't in touch most of the time. Interview common people in every part the world, Lilou, let us tell each other our own story and share real experience of inner change, bring the transformation of people to people, THIS IS THE MOMENT!!! Peaceful activist word must be shared right now, working like a fuel to boost up more change!!!

51.Posted by meagburnt on 10/22/2013 2:57 PM
Last year I was fired from three jobs, quit one myself and then my mom passed away.... it was perhaps the most life-altering year of my life and I am now a student of Sonia Choqette's, which is how I discovered you. Your story is incredibly moving and I just want to say THANK YOU! I have many plans to no longer be small, because I want the remainder of my life to be magical -- and JUICY. I want to live in the light! I will follow your inspiration for a juicy life, merci =)

50.Posted by K-YOS on 06/25/2013 6:17 PM
Hi Lilou!

Thanks for taking out the time to read my email :) My name is K-yos & i am a new up and coming artist is the states. I watched a few of your you tube videos on consciousness and like your message and website, if you ever need music for your interviews, shows or would like to interview a new American artist with a original pop sound please feel free to reply or contact me @ WWW.K-YOS.COM

Thanks again & have a great day! :) K-yos

49.Posted by Reineke Jonker on 01/22/2013 6:43 PM
Dear Lilou,

Hallo! Reineke here from Amsterdam! I love who you are and the way you inspire people! I just thought: Have you ever heard of Willem de Ridder? He might be an inspiring person for you to interview... He has been working with the Law of attraction since the 80ties. And he wrote a book called: Spiegelogie. He is very funny and lives in Amsterdam and he is the creator of many so called; fan clubs in Holland of people who practice the law of attraction together.. If you feel like it, check his site! Good luck with everything you do and hope to meet you once when you are in Holland!


48.Posted by Dietz Ziechmann on 12/11/2012 10:59 PM
I found your website after Googling "soothing music" and serendipitously getting a series of selections on YouTube. I appreciate the Dao (Tao) and enjoy the Lurianic Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. The essence of what you say rings true to me. I enjoyed the Nick Good interview and Ach Tah (the Aztec sage). I heard the first interview with Barefoot Doctor (Steve Russell): simple, direct, understandable, and I've recommended you to my students and friends. The world and universe, the holon, go about in semi-mysterious ways: enjoy the mystery, it's part of life and keeps us in suspense, instead of allowing us to become bored. Blessing be upon you. Namaste, Au revoir, Dietz Ziechmann, Cleveland heights, Ohio

47.Posted by Dietz Ziechmann on 12/11/2012 10:49 PM
I was writing a suggestion for an interview to you and had to look up the email address and the link disappeared. Sacre bleu! I am recommemding Rabbi Sheldon Lewis, Rabbi Exeritus of the little Congregation Kol Emeth ("All Truth') in Palo Alto, CA 94306. (All truth is what he is willing to share to the best of his abilities, not what he is claiming). He like many of us are dissatisfied with some literal readings from the Hebrew Bible, and he has set about creating a book (Torah "instruction") aimed at promoting a deeply rooted complete peace among all peoples across all boundaries of division. The book is brilliant and in harmony with the Dao. His congregational home is 4175 Manuella, Palo Alto CA 94306, Ph. (650) 948-7498. Website: Email: He served as a US Army chaplain in Vietnam and has worked with Palestinians on peace issues. I am Dietz Ziechmann, Minister-rabbi of American Fellow and a member of the U-U Society of Cleveland, Email: Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. My phone is 216-320-1088.

46.Posted by Lokesh Patil on 10/24/2012 8:56 PM


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Please check my resume and covering letter for more information.

Thanks and Regards,

Lokesh Patil

45.Posted by Bro Andrew on 06/10/2012 7:01 PM
Hello Lilou,

Keep them coming baby! We enjoy them all! We like the start music as well!

Good deal! God Bless,

Bro. Andrew

44.Posted by Georgie on 04/12/2012 6:06 AM
Dear Lilou

I have just finished listening to the most recent Drunvalo interview. Thank you so much for asking him the questions we would all like answers to about the coming changes, Solar Falres and implications etc. Drunvalo's message was beautiful as it reminded us of the need to create the future from within. Thank you for interviewing him.

Lilou, have you ever interviewed JZ Kinght or the entity Ramtha who she channels? IF it was possible it would be an amazing interview for sure at this time.

Thank you again Lilou


43.Posted by Agis Antonopoulos on 04/08/2012 7:22 AM
Lilou thank you for the inspiration.

At the beginning there was nothing
And nothing was vast and incomprehensible
But it could think.
So nothing thought of something
And something was tiny and formless
But it felt great!
So nothing dived into something
And something exploded into a huge universe
But it hurt like hell
So nothing tried to get out of something
But it was stuck!
Nothing was stuck in something
Because nothing
Couldn’t stop
Thinking of something.

Agis Antonopoulos MD.

42.Posted by Moise on 03/16/2012 8:22 AM
= Asa cum "a vazut"/ prevazut "oarba" Vanghelia VANGA ...[care, orbise la varsta de 12 ani], ...deci, fara sa citeasca *Cartea pecetluita* _ Daniel 12/4,[9]}, concordanta cu prorocii _ "orbii vad" _ Luca 7/22; _ Isaia 35/5, ...implicit in concordanta cu "prorocii / Scripturile" _ Evrei 1/1,2,[3]; _ Romania 5/14; _ Exodul 3/14; _ Romania 10/17; _ Exodul 4/[1],10,11,2012; _ Luca 18/8, ...:

*Eu, cel care vorbesc cu tine, sint Acela* _ Ioan 4/[25],26, ...acela fagaduit _ Deuteronom 18/15,18; _ Faptele Apostolilor 3/22; _ Matei 1/18,21-23; _ Isaia 6/13; 9/1,2,6, ...[si],, vorbesc celor care zic ca "vad si aud" _ Ioan 9/41; 15/22; _ Isaia 6/[8],9,10, ...

...despre care [si] Vanghelia VANGA a zis: ...

-*În bucuria acestei lumi, în România va veni cel promis lumii.*

= Cu stima. -Mesia _ Ioan 5/39.

41.Posted by Moise on 03/15/2012 3:12 PM
=[Q] _ *Admin*, ce nu publici mesajele transmise de Mine ?!

= Repetati toti aceleasi fapte ?!, ...adica, unii ascund / [cenzureaza] unele mesaje, altii le cenzureaza pe toate ca si voi, iar altii [de regula IT-istii angajati de S.S., crezand ca sint destepti _ Romania 11/8, se tin dupa Mine {de mai multi ani de zile} si cloneaza toate paginile in care postez, adica, postand in clone, citesc doar ei / -Macar de-ar intelege ceva!!!, ...-Dar Eu stiu ca nu vor intelege _ Matei 23/13, ...pentru ca vorbesc in pilde _ Matei 13/34,35.

= Urmatorul mesaj este [o] copie, din alte pagini, si presupun ... *util si dumneavoastra*.

=*Presupun ca, nu intelegi mesajele Mele, ...acesta fiind motivul pentru care nu le publici, ...astfel, te rog sa iei *Aminte* la vorbele Mele: _ Ioan 8/23,24,43,45; _ Isaia 55/6-9, nu uita:

-1) Nu vei putea citi tot ce postez, pentru ca de regula nu postez in pagina *Mesia*, ci postez mai mult in paginile altora asteptand "cel putin un raspuns / un comentariu", cum este si cazul tau.

-2)*Intreb retoric*: _ In fond "ce gasesti / ce crezi ca este de ascuns" [?!!], caci oricum *lumina nu poti s-o ascunzi* _ Ioan 1/1,5,[11],{14}, ...decat, daca cei din haita lupilor / vrasmasilor [fereste-te sa fii dintre aceia _ Luca 12/2; _ Marcu 4/21,22; _ Matei 10/26], s-au inscaunat de mult timp in dregatoriile Poporului Meu _ Isaia 63/18,19; _ Romania 11/3; 10/8,10,2012,13, "nu au" urechi si ochi decat pentru distrugere, jaf , hotie si ucidere, ...[si], ...pentru ca iubesc mai mult intunericul _ Ioan 3/19, ...[si], ...pentru ca *nu le este dat sa poata primi Cuvantul Acesta* _ Matei 19/11; _ Isaia 6/[8],9,10, ...cred ei, ca si voi, ca puteti prinde lumina cu banita _ Marcu 4/21; _ Luca 11/33, ...

- Caci larga este poarta, lata este calea care duce la pierzare, si multi sunt cei ce intra pe ea _ Matei 7/13;
- Dar stramta este poarta, ingusta este calea care duce la viata, si putini sunt cei ce o afla _ Matei 7/14.

= Este posibil sa nu-ti mai transmit nici un mesaj, daca nu publici mesajele Mele -[?!], ...Ma crezi ? _ Ioan 1/1,[11]; _ Luca 8/8; 18/8, ....apoi ce vei face, caci toate faptele _ Atos 13/40, ...vor fi descoperite _ Luca 8/[16],17,18; _ Marcu 4/21,22,[23],24,25.

= Sper sa nu va suparati pentru mustrarile implicite in mesajele Mele _ Apocalipsa 3/19, ...implicit _ Matei 7/13,14, ati inteles?!!! _ Deuteronom 18/[15,18],19.

= Cu stima. -Mesia _ Deuteronom 18/15,18,[19]; _ Faptele Apostolilor 3/22; _ Isaia 6/[8],9,10-[13]; 9/1,2,[6]; 52/6 _ Moise -*Iata-Ma!; 55/1,6-9; _ *Iata-Ma! Iata-Ma!*_ 65/1; _ Roamania 5/14; 10/14 _ Moise;17,[18]; _ Matei 17/[1],2,3,[5]; _ Ioan 10/8,14; _ Exodul 3/14; 4/1,[10],11,2012; _ Matei 13/57; _ Ioan 4/44; _ Luca 8/8; 18/8 –“Va rog sa va treziti!”, ...-Vine dimineata _ Isaia 21/11,2012; _ Ioan 4/[25] -*Eu, cel care vorbesc cu tine, sunt Acela* _ Ioan 4/26; _{ Luca 18/8}.

40.Posted by Rossen Nikolov on 01/08/2012 10:00 PM
Hello, Lilou.I`m from Bulgaria .I watch right now you interview with Dolores Cannon.... In my land Bulgaria , 10years ago or more die a woman with world fame. Her name is Vanga. The people call her The prophet .Make a research about her :)

39.Posted by Mónica on 12/07/2011 2:36 PM
Hi dear Lilou,

Please make a stop over on your Europe Tour in SWITZERLAND and meet Lena (, a crystal child who is bringing a lot of love to the world.
We (my husband and I) would be very happy to take care of you when you are here, so don't worry about accommodation and traveling expenses inside Switzerland.
I just met Lena through the Internet and I can arrange a meeting for you with her.
You can watch some videos she has online on her website and also on youtube, here is one:

She is so sweet and I am sure you will LOVE to meet her!
There is another INDIGO child in Argentina, who is a big inspiration to me: Matias de Stefano.
If you haven't heard about him, please google him and watch his videos on youtube. YOU WILL LOVE HIM TOO!!!!
And I already told you (on Facebook) about Dr. Hew Len, from Hawai, who is doing this wonderful problem solving technique called HO'OPONOPONO.
Have you checked that out?

I LOVE YOUR INTERVIEWS and I am so grateful for all you are doing spreading this wonderful material with all of us!
I especially loved the story of Michael Domit, I have to cry every time I watch it! You are a wonderful interviewer and person!

Mónica, from Basel (MY YOUTUBE CHANEL)

38.Posted by Patrick Yant on 11/23/2011 4:31 PM
I was delighted to hear , and see, you on your channel. I would like to have an enlightened conversation about raising our frequency, creating our own reality, manifestation, and other interesting topics. If you respond, I will provide my phone number so that we can communicate more clearly.

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36.Posted by Johan on 09/27/2011 7:41 PM
Felicitations, Lilou, pour avoir le courage de suivre le fantastique chemin que vous suivez. Vous nous montrez la direction pour creer une vie de plus en plus joyeuse, rendant le voyage un peu plus rapide et plus facile pour nous autres qui vous observent. Merci de tout coeur! Merci! Merci! xxx

35.Posted by Jeya on 09/17/2011 6:41 PM
Hi Lilou,

I love you and your work. It is great to hear and see of such selfless service to humanity. Best wishes and lots of love.


34.Posted by Low Budget Astronaut on 08/18/2011 11:04 PM
Thank you for all you share with us Lilou. Please check out SCREENS' response to Carl Calleman's "Purposeful Universe" in song ( This is the Beginning of the End of the Beginning... Again! You're a Universe, baby! Let's do it right.


33.Posted by Lisa on 07/26/2011 6:11 PM
Hi Lilou, I saw your video about the product PsoriaGold. I have just begun using it, but haven't decided what I think about it yet. Are you still having success with the product? Any other products you use with the PG? Thanks so much for your inspiring videos on the topic of rosacea. It makes me feel like I can still face the world in the face of this sometimes emotionally debilitating condition.

Wishing you all the best,


32.Posted by Seréna on 07/25/2011 3:25 AM
Hi Lilou, I was just turned on to you after a friend sent me a video of your interview with Maika on the Big Island, which is where I live. I didn't realize there were others like my friend, Regina Meredith, who does similar interviews that she posts on her website, the ConsciousMediaNetwork. Another friend told me (after I shared that video with her) that you have interviewed Regina. You both do an excellent job each in your own style.
I am happy to have found you and look forward to listening to more of your interviews and reading your writings. Good work, girl, you are the inspiration we all need to keep on track in these seemingly difficult times. We are bonding our spirits to create the positive energy flow needed to raise our world consciousness for the better of all including our mother, the Earth. I salute you and other leaders for stretching yourselves out there to extend your hand and knowledge to those that find ourselves struggling from time to time. We in turn, can turn to our neighbors and extend our hands and positive energy and so on.
Aloha, Seréna

31.Posted by jim on 06/05/2011 6:31 PM
I'm starting to think of writing a book call life is like a garden.Cause peoples lives are so much like a Garden.What plant does one want to be.we can be a tree that give shade are a tree that give thorns,It all stare with first the right soil.and the right fertilizers.then water..
But I have not one clue as how to write a book

30.Posted by H. Davies on 05/25/2011 9:22 PM
*Hello Lilou*
I have not been aware of you too long but I want to share my favorite thing about you.
I feel you have a rare gift and quality that you may not actually see. Maybe others see it but it's profound to me. I feel you have an ability that is so gentle, yet so captivating, It's a unique way you interview others, that creates oneness with you and the audience. It's that at times you speak at a more slowed down rate, causing the listener to slow down and take in every word. I've heard that when we are communicating with a tense person, if we lower our tone, the other person naturally lower theirs. You may not even be conscious of this, but there are times when you ask questions of the guest in a more slowed down rate. This causes us to slow down to your level, and listen in a deeper way.. I haven't seen this with other speakers but I feel it's very effective. It's something so unique about you that causes you to pull the audience and speaker together in a greater way. It lets me know that you are gifted to do what you do, and that it's what you are called to do. :-)
Keep up the great work. Keep traveling and doing what you love. You are a very beautiful person, inside and out. You are what this generation needs. You take the time to stop and listen. To focus and bring us into focus. Thank you!
Love & blessings in all things. Rev Helen Davies/Dallas, TX

29.Posted by daniel on 05/11/2011 1:10 AM
Lilou ma cherie, i visualize my sincere and strong intention you and me in a very intimate fysical manifestation of love and i know it will happen, i have inner peace about it, accepting it and letting it go and i can feel it will happen can you too, Lilou? can you feel the love growing faster and faster? so when can we bring it into reality? i am already so grateful for you and me becoming a reality. Thank you for your willingness to grow with me. It would be so nice if you'd reply to me. I meditate on this every morning and every night. I have been so lonely, but now that i know we will be together, i get so excited!

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