LILOU MACE: Hello, Carl Calleman.

CARL CALLEMAN: Hello, hello.

LILOU MACE: Good to have you again to discuss on the Mayan calendar, a beautiful topic to talk about especially right now.


LILOU MACE: You wrote a recent article on the consciousness convergence that we’re going to talk about but I want briefly to have people really realize what type of work you’ve been doing and you’re actually a, you have a PhD in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm and then you’ve been a senior researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle and a cancer expert.


LILOU MACE: But really, what’s quite unique about you is that since 1979 you’ve been talking about the Mayan calendar but you’re really one of the only scientists in the world that has been studying that on a scientific level, is that right?

CARL CALLEMAN: Well, in a sense I think that is true. It all depends of course. Now I’m the only scientist, probably professional scientist, who has said the Mayan calendar means something. Now there are these, of course there are all these Mayanist experts and they’re studying the Mayan calendar as such but not like what it means to evolution of the planet. So that’s what makes my particular work unique, that I, the first time I came to Mexico and Guatemala in 1979, I had a sense hey, these people knew something. The calendar is having, holding some truth that we have been oblivious to and that’s what made it different.

LILOU MACE: And in your, so in your recent article you’re talking about this consciousness convergence, this harmonic convergence. Can you tell us more about that?

CARL CALLEMAN: Well, you know, it’s really no secret that it is a sort of a parallel to energetically speaking to a quite large-scale event that took place especially in the United States and especially promoted by Jose Arguelles in mid-August of 1987 and the structure of the Mayan calendar is basically that there are 9 waves you might say, 9 wave movements that are developing on top of each other, each with an increased frequency of 20 times and we’ve been now most obviously affected by the 8th of these levels and you might say that the harmonic convergence in 1987 was like a forerunner. It was like it was an event that spiritually prepared people for the onset of the 8th level which came later. The onset of the 8th level didn’t come until 1999 but nonetheless, there was quite some significant event where suddenly people got to express a lot of ways of relating a spiritual experience moving into their, you might say the right brain half with a lot of holistic thinking was sort of opening up and in the years that followed, there was this tremendous change all over the world that we saw in the basically, in the breakdown of the wall that had separated the Eastern and the Western blocs and so forth. And I’m not implying that one, you know that this was caused by this spiritual event but I would imply that yes, this is sort of a, it came and correlated with it and was part of the same kind of change that was occurring. Now, now we are, in a relatively short period of time going towards the activation of the 9th level and the actual activation of the 9th level of the Mayan calendar will not be until March 9th, 2011 but in the same way, I believe that these particular dates, July 17th, 18th are like a time to prepare for the 9th level to…

LILOU MACE: 9th wave.

CARL CALLEMAN: Yes, exactly and make ourselves ready for what this might encompass and we don’t know this for certain of course. What will the 9th level bring? You never know. You know if you look upon my work, yes, I’ve done some quite spectacular predictions that have turned out to be true but I also failed in certain respects with predictions and nobody is able to do this perfectly it seems. So, but there it seems to be very, some very general things that we may expect from it and this is especially what I would call a shift towards unity consciousness and I was recently, I was just sent by John Kimmey who has been following one of the grandfathers of the Hopi nation for a very long time and he sent me a write-up, a short form of the Hopi prophecy and it really has some very similar message. The difference is that the Mayan calendar, it has all the time. The Hopi prophecy it has no timing but and it’s more like the Hopi ones, the elders, they are looking for certain signs and when the signs come, they will see that this is the time for this and this and so forth. And in the same way as when we studied the Mayan calendar, we can see that for the past 5000 years, there’s been a dualist thinking in among humanity, We, the Hopi talk about this dualist thinking as the two-hearted people. So they’re also talk...

LILOU MACE: Yeah, I actually have a good quote on dualist that I want to quote here. They say, “people with a dualist and separating consciousness are like cancer cells in the body of the earth.”

CARL CALLEMAN: Yes, and the reason is that with the dualist consciousness and you know, I’m not saying that it’s like them and us who are not like that. I have, we all, I believe share a little bit of both ways so to speak. I don’t think anybody today can say that they’re completely above that kind of thing. Nonetheless, there are degrees and differences among people and if you have a dualist thinking, you are operating pretty much like it’s all about you because you experience yourself so much as a separate individual, as somebody whose interests are separate from the rest of creation. Once that kind of a mentality is in the, in at the current time I think is very harmful to the planet, the consequences of this. And so, to go back to the Hopi prophecy, they’re talking about this time again when the one-hearted people will come back and then as so many people have heard the Hopi say, we are the ones we have been waiting for and, in other words, there’s really no one to wait for except for ourselves and our own transformation and our own transition to becoming these one-hearted people and we don’t know how, exactly how to do this but I think there is one thing we know and this is really that without a strong intention to have it brought about, it will not happen. It’s, you know, I’m sure you’re familiar with this so-called law of attraction that you know if you have, and a lot of the people listening are also familiar with this. If you are looking for something, you have to be open to receive it so to speak. It has to be in you. Otherwise, it won’t come basically.

LILOU MACE: So like the law of attraction, you’re saying you have to see that within you.

CARL CALLEMAN: Yes, if you don’t have an intention to be something or do something or have something, if you don’t have that, you’re not likely to have it, be it, or do it. And I think it’s the same thing with unity consciousness and if we don’t have that intention, it is what reasons would we have to expect that it would happen and but I also think that it’s this kind of what we are wanting to attract and what we may create at any given time, in the history of the cosmos, is something that to a large extent is defined by the different frames of consciousness of the Mayan calendar. So, there has been times when it has been very, very appropriate to be like a dualist person because there has been good sides to that, you might say. It certainly has been part of the creation scheme but I think now with the 9th level coming up, with the 9th wave, this is really the time for the unity consciousness and so this is the time when we should prepare for that and we should set the intention to manifest it and so that’s the basic idea about this idea, about this event, July 17, 18th.

LILOU MACE: So what are, what is there, we’ll talk particularly about the preparation but what is there for people to expect? Like a lot of people feel it on an intuitive level but what is there to expect from this 9th wave? Why do we need to prepare for it?

CARL CALLEMAN: Well, I think whatever comes out of the unity consciousness, that is what we need to, that we should expect and this is what we need to prepare for but I don’t think anybody has the answers as to exactly how this will manifest and it’s not in our power to tell somebody else either maybe this is what you should do to get there but what is in our power is the power to intend, to say that this is what I, that I intend to manifest and so it is sort of an intention setting event that we are planning here and working with.

LILOU MACE: And so that’s why you’re saying that really we have to not personalize the Mayan calendar but we, the Mayan calendar is us. Can you comment on that?

CARL CALLEMAN: Well, I think I said the Mayan calendar is about you.


CARL CALLEMAN: And yes, I want to comment on that because in recent times, there’s been sort of an overflow of discussions about the Mayan calendar where people are talking about things that they think will happen and they talk about it as if it was unrelated to themselves, as it was unrelated to the kind of intentions that they have, the kind of desires for the future that they themselves have and so forth. And this, it doesn’t fit with my research about the Mayan calendar where it’s all about the human beings, or at least very primarily about the human beings and the kind of consciousness that, the kind of consciousness evolution that we can see manifesting through ourselves.

LILOU MACE: So it’s like this co-creation?


LILOU MACE: Alright, so how can we prepare for this? Why, you touched on it already, we’re entering a pre-wave on the 17 and the 18 of July on those 2 days. What is…


LILOU MACE: What is happening? What are you suggesting?

CARL CALLEMAN: I’m suggesting really kind of like in low key, I’m almost coming back to that, that you know we really go inside ourselves and look for what kind of intention we have. You know it may sound to some people that oh, it’s good to want unity consciousness, you know it gives us, it gives me points maybe in my own view of myself or in the view of some guru or in the view of my friends or whatever and so sometimes we’ve been doing things you know like that that sound pretty good but I think this time, it really is a time for us to go in and ask ourself what is truly our intention without any judgment, without any judgment, without judging it. And if you find then that you authentically have this kind of intention or commitment to have a unity consciousness. Well, then you should see that manifest and then it’s an intention that doesn’t end with these 2 days. It’s just the time to have that found in yourself. It’s something you see what I’m saying?


CARL CALLEMAN: I’m really looking for us to go inside and authentically see what is there and to do this on a collective scale because you know there are people, as I mentioned in my article, and I would expect you have experiences of unity, with everything and so have I. But to some extent we go back and these become like our own individual experiences and but I think really what would be needed for to be prepared for the 9th wave is some kind of recognition of a more collective or more universally held shared intention to truly have this happen.

LILOU MACE: So you’re really calling people all around the world to intentionally on the 17 and 18 maybe go on a retreat or spend some time in nature or really think about all this.


LILOU MACE: And their place, not their place but I guess feel the connection and feel this oneness or at least think about it during those 2 days.


LILOU MACE: So we have to put on, mark our calendar, 17 and 18 of July.

CARL CALLEMAN: Yes. Yes, this happens to be on a weekend and.

LILOU MACE: I saw that.


LILOU MACE: So it’s quite handy and so what, can you tell us what’s going on after once the calendar is done? Are you out of job?

CARL CALLEMAN: That’s the only realistic expectation. I don’t know. Somebody told me that. Hey, you only have 2 more years or something like that and yeah, and I don’t know what my chances are to find something new. I don’t know.

LILOU MACE: What’s going on for the Mayas perspective after that?

CARL CALLEMAN: Well, I can’t speak from the Maya, in the sense that, or it depends on what you mean by the Maya here really. I mean…

LILOU MACE: Just on the calendar level that you’ve been studying the…


LILOU MACE: …and there’s an end date so you had said in a previous interview that it will start again but where is it starting? Did they make some predictions about that also?

CARL CALLEMAN: No, not really. But you’ll have to ask me rather than asking, my inter-, the way I look upon it basically and not because… I’m basing myself on the ancient Maya and their only inscriptions saying that there will be 9, this entity of 9 energies will be manifesting at the end date. And my view is a little bit in contrast to others. I think that at that point, there will be some kind of an end to the shifts. We still have shifts coming and so this July 17, 18th is really about preparing for a [5th? 18:37] unity consciousness away from the previous dualist consciousness to prepare. So it’s not there will be but then there will come a time when I believe the shifts will come to an end and that’s very, very general. It doesn’t tell you very much but to me, it’s a cause for hope. To me, it means that sort of a new stage will be created for life where there is no basis for dominance, no basis for recreating conflicts, no desire to break out of a harmonious way of being, and so forth. So it might become a world, a much more blissful, and also maybe less dramatic things happening and constantly threatening us to do this or do that or something like that. And this is not, it’s not very much tangible information. I don’t believe that any, I don’t believe that the reality after the end of the calendar is truly scripted, if you understand what I mean. I don’t think there is a plan for what will happen at this point. Where we are now? We’re still in that part of the universal evolution that is scripted, that is planned according to the intelligence of the universe but I think at that point, there is no script and so how would anybody be able to tell?

LILOU MACE: Yeah, but it’s quite amazing to think that back then they were able to put such a calendar in place. I mean to…


LILOU MACE: …to leave behind them such a thing.


LILOU MACE: Do you have a last message or call of action or something to end this video? I know we’re going to do this in French again but to end this in English.

CARL CALLEMAN: Yes. No, I just want you know everyone regardless of where they are, this is a very, very inclusive event and whatever you think about the world, whatever worldview, whatever religion, whatever spiritual tradition, whatever view of the Mayan calendar you have, what is important I think at this point is the intention to create unity consciousness and that’s what I believe we should gather to unify around a creation of that intention.

LILOU MACE: That’s very clear. Thank you, Carl Calleman.



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