The seven Eternities on our body - Jennyli Gustafsson, Sweden (21 min)

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The seven Eternities on our body - Jennyli Gustafsson, Sweden (21 min)
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(Published in September 2012) - The era of mankind is finally here. The world is waiting for you! You are the child of truth that is now ready to be born. You are the new Christ, who on the third day rises again from the dead. The third day is finally here! Man's love for his next shall now be turned to himself and make this rebirth possible. The Book of Eternities puts sticky plasters on the wounds. Your hands and feet are no longer pinned to a crucifix. You are free to go! The words within The Book of Eternities ensure justice is done. They create the new timeless man by loving dictation from the eternities. Man's story of creation still is very much going on! The seven days of creation are brought forth here in a completely new light. The courage to dare to see the new man being born shall actually make him be born. The courage to dare to see the plant pot that man is growing inside shall actually make him crush the wall of the pot so that new and eternal soil can reach his feet. The plant pot of science is now too small and tight for man. He needs to be re-planted in the free and eternal garden that is called the Garden of Eden. The seed within each human has started to grow and it is growing fast. The era of mankind is now! The gardener is you! The christening and the wedding are two milestones in a man's life that mark big changes. The christening and the wedding are, in The Book of Eternities, two milestones marking big changes in the spiritual growth process. Your catchwords are from now on "On Earth as it is in Heaven". What you create within you is also created outside of you, around you. You are the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, who from now on will make a paradise flourish and blossom.
The Book of Eternities
Jennyli Gustafsson
Jennyli Gustafsson is a musician and a writer. She has always had an inner conviction about life, that there is something more to it, than we can see with our physical eyes. As an adult, the spiritual questions got more intense and the searching led her to the Inca Indians old wisdom of how to interact with the energies of mother earth and father heaven. Those techniques helped her to find a way in life, of more inner harmony. But still there was something missing before her life mission could emerge. 
The turning point came when her stepmother passed away in October 2006. She came through from the other side to open up the channels to the eternities within. At that moment Jennyli was prepared, for some reason, with a paper and a pen. The text was flowing on the paper and talked about a belief in an eternal life. After a while, her stepmother left over for a higher consciousness. Due to Jennyli her self, this consciousness was God! 
The God-consciousness told her that she would write a trilogy with the name The Book of Eternities. This book, containing the voice of God, the voice of Christ and the voice of Mother Earth, would give the man a new perspective on the Genesis. This story of creation is still in process and is progressing through the holy trinity, mentioned above. The Book of Eternities is the spiritual body of man, a story of creation that awakens the man to a higher level of consciousness. 
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