The highest thoughts & Living in light - Paul Gangnier, Maui Hawaii (13 min)

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The highest thoughts & Living in light - Paul Gangnier, Maui Hawaii (13 min)
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Paul is an active demon­stra­tion of what true com­pas­sion and love can do for the human heart. He spent many years work­ing with Hos­pice, assist­ing indi­vid­u­als and their fam­i­lies in the process of "let­ting go." Through his work with Hos­pice, Paul became a Reiki Mas­ter and has sup­ported count­less indi­vid­u­als through the process of healing.
In Maui, Hawaii, Paul main­tains a spir­i­tual heal­ing prac­tice where he uses a mul­ti­tude of skills to help peo­ple heal and re-connect with their inher­ent Divine, lov­ing nature.  Through com­bin­ing his skills as Reiki Mas­ter, Hyp­nother­a­pist CCHT, Intu­itive Chan­nel and Min­is­ter, Paul devel­oped Trans­for­ma­tional Hyp­nother­apy, a unique branch of Hyp­nother­apy com­bined with Intu­itive guid­ance and Reiki energy heal­ing. In addi­tion, Paul is an active Artist, Designer, Inspi­ra­tional Writer and Speaker, and is the Pro­ducer of the cutting-edge spir­i­tual doc­u­men­tary, "Liv­ing in Light," fea­tur­ing spir­i­tual greats Neal Don­ald Walsch, Alan Cohen, Mirabai Devi and more (2012).
In 2008, Paul founded The High­est Thoughts™, a com­pany ded­i­cated to rais­ing con­scious­ness through inspi­ra­tional art, mes­sages and heal­ing modal­i­ties, in order to ful­fill his vision of an awak­ened human­ity.  Together with Nicole Rose, Paul leads work­shops for Reiki lev­els I, II and III in Maui, Hawaii.

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