Phiversity - Dr Mohsen (52 min)

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Phiversity - Dr Mohsen (52 min)
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Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh is an internationally recognized and interdisciplinary research scientist, ....  with interesting synergetic and Omnimorphic Experimental and Empirical applications expertise in the fields of sustainable environmental design and alternative health modalities. Mohsen received his B.S. in electrical engineering from Utah State University in 1972,  Master of Arch. in Passive Solar Design from the University of Texas at Austin in 1977, and went on to receive his Doctorate of Architecture and Environmental Design (OmniMorphic Architecture and Naturopathic Health) from Texas A & M University in 1979.
For past three decades Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh has served as a Solagritect and/or consultant on numerous environmentally sustainable design projects including passive solar buildings design, sick building syndrome, conversion of municipal solid waste to methane, environmental ordinance development on CFC, IAQ, Methane and photovoltaic systems integration for municipal facilities.  Mohsen has written numerous articles about passive solar architecture and effective utilization of biomass as a clean sustainable energy sources.
Dr. Mohsen has founded and operates the Avicenna, Studio for Health and PHIometrical Design in California.  Dr. Mohsen's educational outreach are offered through PHIversity Inc.,  and expands into 37 displines In his pursuit of an optimal paradigm shift from Energetic - Entropical and PIometrical prespective into synergetic - Syntropical and PHIometrical World View. Dr. Mohsen research extends deeply into Avicennian Medicine, Bio-Gas, anaerobic digestion, bio-geometry, PHIometry and PHIologics of optimum health, naturopathic health research, nutropathic health research, naturopathic architecture, nutropathic architecture, replacement of Carbon Composite Fiber for steel and metal in architecture, the role of pH in bio magnetic and electrical pulse research, radisthesia, enesthisia, synesthesia, the importance of symbiotic relationship in soil and plants on optimum health, Neurotransactivities of optimum health, pain and allergy as the self diagnosis of the regulatory function of the body, Rife technology, PAPIMI research on the vibratory transnaturization and pleomorphism of water, PAPIMI research on the vibratory rates of bulbs and other alternative health modalities research.

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