Kuiz Lopez painting codexes and teaching how to reconnect as star beings, Mexico (35 min)

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Kuiz Lopez painting codexes and teaching how to reconnect as star beings, Mexico (35 min)
kuiz_lopez_painting_codexes_and_teaching_how_to_reconnect_as_star_beings,_mexico__35_min_.mp3 Kuiz Lopez painting codexes and teaching how to reconnect as star beings, Mexico (35 min).mp3  (27.95 MB)

Kuiz López Kalkoatl refers to himself as a man of tradition, yet his life is nothing close to what we usually consider traditional. Since his early childhood it was clear that Kuiz's destiny was not an ordinary one, a fact which created many hardships and confrontations for him. He always felt that he had been dropped off on Earth by mistake, and did not belong here. He refused to attend school like the rest of his brothers and sisters and strongly rejected the Christian customs and morals common to most Mexican families.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico to a family of indigenous origins, Kuiz was raised far away from the hardships and limitations endured by many such families. One of thirteen children in a family led by a father that owned a shoe factory and was a thirtythird degree Freemason, he was a restless child with many questions that would not let him sleep. He would hear voices that led him to his father's library and the books that would allow him to understand some of the things that troubled his mind.

At the same time he was taken by his grandmother, a healer and medicine woman, as her apprentice. From her, he learned the secrets of plants and potions to use as medical remedies and was instructed in how to see the energy fields (commonly referred to as auras) of patients as a means to diagnose their health problems. She also spoke to him about his lineage. His ancestors were a group of people who had been the carriers of knowledge (hombres de tradición), going back for centuries before the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs.

Knowledge of his lineage has been integral to Kuiz's journey.

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