Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light.  These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world.

He has been on television and the internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world.

Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human body light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba.

He is a consultant for the international internet magazine, Spirit of Maat, with over 1 million viewers each year.

He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries.

He has now founded his newest (and complete) teaching in a facility called School of Remembering with the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teachers who are beginning their global work.

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1.Posted by Loraine on 04/09/2012 10:44 PM (from a mobile)
Oh lilou this interview is so powerful - thank you Drunvalo for this information. Will look at the go ermdnt info you are talking about.
Drunvalo - You know the Info you share uplifts and fills me with hope for the future.

Much love

2.Posted by Anouk Sophia on 04/10/2012 5:12 PM
thank you Lilou and Drumvalo, it touches my heart that Drumvalo has such emotions for the healing of the human hearts. It has never been a better time to be alive. So much love! Anouk Sophiax

3.Posted by Ingrid on 04/11/2012 12:59 PM
Thank you Drunvalo, you share good information as usual ... but I'm curious to know about the 7 catastrophes that are about to happen. Only the first and fourth were mentioned in the interview, perhaps the others can be shared in future interviews ... any piece of information is important at this time ... Thank you Lilou for your work, take care everyone.



4.Posted by Mala on 04/11/2012 2:08 PM
Thank you so much Drunvalo and Lilou for all this information. Drunvalo you mentioned about the 7 major events that the Mother Earth will manifest, what are the others? Please could you mention in detail about the "knowing" of what is to be done when the sunflares occur? I have read all your books and practice the Merkaba meditation daily and one day God willing I want to attend one of your courses in Sedona. I felt really sorry I couldn't make it to any of your courses when you were here in NZ. Thank you with all my heart for helping me all these years.
God Bless

5.Posted by Maria Lazopoulou on 04/11/2012 4:29 PM
Dear Lilou
I would like to share a piece of information that i have always had in my heart and in a way share an explanation that might shed a bit of light on what is happening right now on Earth. Earth is also called Gaia and is also called Pacha Mama, because she is our mama after all. It is not a coincidence that pacha mama appears most of the time pregnant. That is because she is pregnant. What we are currently experiencing as life is not actually real. We are still inside the womb and we are co-creating ourself. Our true Self.
The reason that people experience the illussion of death is because they are creating a false image of themselves, an ego. That cannot survive for the simple reason that it is not real. Nothing can be born to Reality if it is not Real. We, the Human being, are not born in Reality yet. To be able to born in Reality we have to go through a lot of different stages and allign our will with that of the Cosmos. For this to occur we have to go through stages. At the beginning we survive by being part of the will of Gaia. Then we survive by aligning our will with that of the Tribe and so on until we finally reach to the stage were we have to align our will with that of the Cosmos. To do that we have to transcent the Will of the Ego. The Ego stage is equally important and unavoidable. We have to go through it. This is what we are all experiencing right now. We are transcending the Ego.
To prove that, we have to dream and create situations that they will challenge our Will practically so that we can Show in action that our will is aligned. Once this is done then the birth/ ascension process begins. There is no bad and there is no good. We are all going through exams and we have all agreed to play different roles in each others life in order to have the opportunity to prove to ourselves and to the rest of Reality that we are ready to join them. If we keep this in mind then our enemies are actually our biggest allies because they have agreed to come and challenge our viewpoint and our behaviour. They are just there to force out of us our real identity. Can you imagine a world without challenges!!! How would we evolve???? How would we prove that we walk the talk and we are not just theory. We are assisting and teaching each other through this illussionary game of polarity to prove that we are ready. What is approaching is the birth of the Human God, because the whole of Humanity is One Being. One Love, One Being and Life has not even began yet.
With deep respect
In Lak'ech

6.Posted by Mary on 04/12/2012 2:55 PM
Dear Lilou thank you so much for interview!! It is always so interesting to hear Drunvalo and your questions. Do you think it might be possible to ask him to do a little meditation with us the next time - something that will help us get into/open our hearts? To find this magical place that he talks of.

I would be delighted to also hear more about this wonderful machine/programme that helps you to heal the emotional body and all traumas. I tried to find info on the internet (I wasn't sure how to spell the name,
Dr. James Heart/Hart/Harte - or similar).

Thank you from my heart.
Love and blessings

7.Posted by Carell on 04/23/2012 8:08 PM
I love Drunvalos work. I want to learn more about the Merkaba meditation as has my interest. I know and have worked with Dr. Terry Willard and he mentioned he has done this work with Drunvalo.

I am just wondering by his comment which he mentioned Marina Popovich and she has been on the moon? In her birography it doesn't say anything about her being on the moon. Nor has there been any Russians on the moon. :) So was this comment in this interview talking energetically? Some clarity would be appreciated. Thank you.

8.Posted by Bob on 05/07/2012 7:11 PM
What an amazing interview - I just love Drunvalo and of course Lilou.

I really like the bit at the end about James hardt - I did the bio cybernatic alpha traning a few years ago - great to see that it is getting the accalim it deserves.

Yes - looking forward to the seona course in October - Living in the Heart.

9.Posted by celso on 05/28/2012 7:37 PM
Hola a todos :esta este video en español?

10.Posted by kalki on 06/25/2012 8:51 AM
to know the real truth of this universe com and join me as i m the son of gos similar to jesus ans america is waiting for us and for this to prove who am i? over each and every system their is some mark X and we say in india that " thier is a cure for snake bite but no cure for my bite" so the question is whose bite? science also believe that their is sone mystery of x? but nobdy on this earth knows why ? google is also unable to give answers to my questions ? nobdy on this earth can answer me

11.Posted by Michele on 08/25/2012 3:27 PM
This might be the link many of you were asking for (Dr. James Hardt):

I'd just to like leave a question, a question that you have to answer for yourself:

Why does someone charge so much money for something so relevant for whole humanity?
Over 2000$ per day, per participant.
Wouldn't someone who truly understands the importancy of this, someone who knows that we are all connected, try to spread his/her vital work as affordable as possible in order to help and contribute to the process of awakening/ascension/peace (call it as you want)?

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