Importance of living on purpose, following our heart to attract abundance!

update day 55 season 14 of the 100-day reality challenge

The 100-Day Reality Challenge

update day 55 of the 100-day reality challenge

1.Posted by Dodo on 01/26/2010 1:16 PM
It's my birthday today, too :o) and yours and yours and yours, so
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to every one who woke up this morning!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to every one who's here - at the beginning of the new day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to every little cell, dancing gleefully with the joy of the newly awakened consciousness!

Lilou, i will always thank you, in my heart for helping me to get through what appeared to be one of the toughest times of my life (yet), a year ago! For helping me to re-align my inner visions, purposes and for sending me "back on course", i mean "forward, of course", towards my true being, my real nature - the essence, which it is my mission to unify with and which, thanks in large part to your being, has enriched my day-to-day activities with live's true juice: Self-Realization, Love, Joy, Integrity, Success, Abundance.. (and i don't think there's much else :o) )
I thank and praise God, the most High, the Source and Creator of all there is, the Universe, my Gurus and Param Gurus, the angels, my ancestors, and co-creators, and all the powers reigning in and standing by me that true oneness unfolds in all its facets.

2.Posted by Lilou Mace on 01/26/2010 1:35 PM
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu loving angel! Much success, love and light!

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