How to deepen our relationship to Love, Light and Nature - Richard Diamond, Kauai (32 min)

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How to deepen our relationship to Love, Light and Nature - Richard Diamond, Kauai (32 min)
how_to_deepen_our_relationship_to_love,_light_and_nature___richard_diamond,_kauai__32_min_.mp3 How to deepen our relationship to Love, Light and Nature - Richard Diamond, Kauai (32 min).mp3  (25.96 MB)

"I have lived here on Kauai since 1998. My experience here has been wondrous and enchanting, albeit challenging at times. I have gone through many changes during my stay here on this beautiful land; yet, living in an embrace of love from the Aina and Ohana has provided a foundation from which I have learned to live in more happiness than I have ever known. I am grateful for so many things, but I am grateful, particularly, for my Ohana community.
Since 2002, I have been publishing the Kauai MuseLetter, an email publication that started out as a simple expression of my writing, which was shared with a few people on the Internet. I had no idea that this sharing would eventually expand from the initial form of "Kauai Speaks" to its present "Kauai MuseLetter," with an email list of over 2,000 people.
Now that the MuseLetter has been literally bursting with information coming through daily, I have had to change the forms to accommodate this rising flow of data. So, this web site is the first big change for the MuseLetter as it grows from its childhood into its adolescence, known as the HeartBeat of Kauai."

Kauai, Hawaii

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