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Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

Kishori Aird is a professional naturopath and a medical-intuitive. All medical intuitive practitioners develop a personalized approach to read symptoms and restore vital energy once "blockages" have been identified. Among other techniques, Kishori uses her own DNA reprogramming techniques.
Medical intuition is a path more frequently traveled than in the past. At 18, Kishori started her extensive spiritual and alternative journey in an ashram. Two years later, she began her studies in nursing, with the hope of becoming a midwife.
At 25, after a second two-year period in an ashram, she started her own family and moved to Ottawa where she worked at l'Arche Jean Vanier, a home for the mentally impaired. In 1986, she returned to Montreal (Canada) and sought training in new fields of healing, including hypnotherapy and crystal therapy. Since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, she has added training in naturopathy, kinesiology and emotion-based therapies to her journey as a health professional. She has also studied tantric practices and she is a Reiki master.
n 1990, Kishori studied kinesiology on the west coast of the United States where she worked with renowned naturopaths and chiropractors.

In 1993, she opened her own clinic and started working as a professional medical intuitive.Since 1994, she has been offering training in medical intuition. In the summer of 1997, she began research on DNA and on the means to reprogram and reclaim it. She then developed reprogramming techniques, which she currently teaches. This, in turn, has led her to Essence and the process of anchoring.
She retired from private practice after publishing Essence in 2005 and is now dedicating herself exclusively to writing and teaching. She focuses on reprogramming DNA, exploring the Essence and the process of amplifying and anchoring what she calls The Individualized One.
She describes herself as a visionary and a mystic with a non-sectarian approach whose vision is convergence at zero point.

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