Disabled : beyond appearances - Stéphane Bruchez, Switzerland (27 min)

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Disabled : beyond appearances - Stéphane Bruchez, Switzerland (27 min)
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The author, autodidact who likes to explore and discover the various aspects of life, accompanies people from a dozen years. This book recounts his experiences of educator who spent a year in the company of exceptional people with disabilities. ? 
"Here is my story of educator who spent a great year in the company of disabled, which Romuel (cerebral palsy), Soriel (autistic) and Lea (cranio-cerebral traumatized). It is through this experience of discovery and full of love and magic that I could discover the daily life of people with disabilities and at the same time understand that many schools are sleeping in humans. What a surprise to discover that example that I could communicate with them without words and that meetings outside the body were available ... If we do not try to understand these people, they take us back to the misunderstanding and lack of knowledge we have of ourselves ... "- Stephane Bruchez" Our world of disability is seen with physical eyes, and this book will provide a vision of the mind. The lives of millions of people with disabilities will be revealed gradually in the hearts of people who read the book to the end! What the physical senses do not perceive, sense of heart recognize. See beyond the physical body, matter, or any differences is to recognize the true value of life ... "Romuel
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