Colloidal silver: Natural antibiotic - Anders Sultan, Sweden (28 min)

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Colloidal silver: Natural antibiotic - Anders Sultan, Sweden (28 min)
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Anders Sultan is Sweden's largest colloidal silver manufacturer and has worked with colloidal silver for 12 years. In this interview Anders Sultant speaks of the healing capabilities of silver, especially in the modern form of electrically produced colloidal silver. 
Silver is a powerful natural antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years. It is also beneficial in disabling the oxygen metabolism enzyme of a fungus or virus. 
Ion Silver is a market leader in colloidal silver (IONOSIL), dietary supplement Lignisul MSM, feed supplements Alavis MSM, glukosaminsulfatet gluco / MAX, and hudserien EMS consisting of a cream and an ointment. We also have a silver ointment and silver lotion intended for use in animals.- from using Google Translate
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