Cancer : Combining personalized alternative therapies & conventional cancer treatments (33 min)

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Cancer : Combining personalized alternative therapies & conventional cancer treatments (33 min)
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Annie Rasmussen originally trained as a nurse. Throughout her working life - since 1982 - she has worked with and for people with cancer - for care, treatment, clinical research and as a front fighting for better services for cancer patients. She is deeply committed to and updated with complementary, evidence-based approaches to supporting and alternative cancer treatments and is updated at the front of scientific cancer treatment worldwide is moving and where the newest therapies can canvassed. Her national and international professional networks are extensive.
She has long been focused on lifestyle and prevention and has a range of complementary and coach-related educations behind. She also stands behind the Health Creation in Denmark, a new lifestyle and health concept as something uniquely offers a range of supportive tools and self-help programs for people with cancer and their relatives.
She is an experienced lecturer and teacher throughout the cancer field. In addition, Annie a human being with a holistic and spiritual humanity, she has a positive mind and communicate easily with everyone.
"I have many years experience of how cancer treatment in the established system in its endeavor to fight cancer, weaken the patient physically, mentally and socially. Actually, I think that as a cancer afflicted and close relatives are in a chronic state of stress in the month - yes, often years. My goal now is to do everything that is possible for me to help the individual to strengthen and build body, mind and spirit. I want to help people get the best individual treatment of cancer and the best supportive therapies. In front are fighting, it is my goal to make the integrated cancer medicine on the agenda in Denmark. "
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