Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child - Akahi & Camila (38 min)

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Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child - Akahi & Camila (38 min)
breatharian_couple,_parents.mp3 Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child - Akahi & Camila (38 min).mp3  (30.1 MB)

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Ricardo Salas (Akahi ) from Ecuador and Camila Castillo from the United States are a young couple working with distinct techniques of illumination and connection through the breath. They met in Ecuador in 2005 through art. From that moment they understood that life had brought them together, to love and grow together in consciousness and faith, responding to each one´s wish of finding their perfect companion. They began a new life together and set out to travel South America with their art, sharing creative workshops with children and youth in various countries throughout the continent. In 2006 they organized the firstInternational Encounter of Liberal Art and Expression in Bolivia. They also created a store in California with their art, clothing, and handcrafts.

Through the arts-painting, dance, fire dance,music and corporal expression they got to know many beautiful people and places. However, with their common desire to continue expanding their own internal light and know themselves more, the physical art that they had been creating began to transform into a more internal non phisical art. They learned and began guiding Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) sacred ceremonies of purification through the elements. They started to work very much with the earth and the connection with all the elements. They experimented with plants of power and learned a lot about natural medicine and very illuminated forms of exercise and meditation. Having been vegetarians for many years they became vegans—switching later to a raw foods diet, and then to the ingestion of only fruits. They also started to experiment with fasting. This entire internal journey shared as a couple led them to be presented with the concept of ´Living from Light´--and they immediately understood that this was their natural state, and that they had now found it. They decided to live the experience of the 21 day Breatharian Process in March of 2008. Through this experience both understood and entered into their natural state of existence of living without necessities, this way consciously ´living from light´.

From then on, each one opened themselves up as channels to begin receiving Light Information from the Cosmic Source, that which they are now sharing in the form of process and seminars in many countries with people from all over the world. They are now dedicated to helping and sharing tools with those beings who wish to connect themselves once again with their internal light and the source of cosmic nourishment.

They continue creating their art—painting, dancing, making music, and performing fusioned artistic pieces. Their store in California also continues. They live in Ecuador, Bolivia, and the United States.

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