A daily practice I am taking on to attract Abundance & get message from Source!!! Brandon Bays

Money & Abundance

coming back from the abundance retreat. here is a technique i am putting into practice on this 100-day challenge

after meditating, breathing and grounding yourself...

1.  What am I most grateful for today? and why?

2. what does Source/Grace/Universe most wants to manifest in my life today?

3. How does Source/Grace/Universe wants to florish and grow the abundance in my life today?

4. How does Source/Grace/Universe wants to flow back to Life today?

1.Posted by Patricia J Dean on 02/27/2010 9:00 PM
Abundance is in us we are abundant and we need to concentrate to extend that onto the outer plane, we can not keep all of that in within is imperative that we touch everything and extend love, touch is important to transmit abundance, become part of the whole, integrate yourself in all you see.
All is manifested already it just need to come back to the source, create in and out energy patterns do not hold things, empty your purses so they can fill back again, empty your bank account and fill it back again, do not hold on things for too long because energy has to flow, become part of the ATM machine talk to the yang and yin while you are at it acknowledge their power, give them your love.

2.Posted by Heaven's Girl on 03/03/2011 8:04 AM
I had an epiphany while watching this video. I realized that I want to serve as a translator, if you will, to those of low income around the world. God said , "My people perish through lack of knowledge". I think that so many people of low income would change their lives around if they only knew how. Problem is either they don't have access to the type of teaching that you and the people you interview, or they can't understand or relate to the teaching. I want to take Universal Laws and "break it down" to where an inner city youth could understand it. Or to where that 50 year old blue collar worker with a GED can understand it and apply it.

I've always felt a passion for helping "everyday people" but, for the first time I have a focused and clear desire to serve. Thank you for living your dream because now I see that there are other people who understand God's laws and are living a wonderful life of helping others to discover and utilize God's laws as well.

I'm new to your site but I intent to be a daily visitor from now on.

Be blessed

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