The Collective Evolution 2: The Human Experience is a documentary focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life.
The documentary does this by addressing exactly who we all are, and why we are here. It further delves into each of the key pieces that make up the human puzzle, namely the planet, the body, and the ego.
The documentary concludes by addressing the shift in consciousness that has already begun and continues to intensify on the planet.
It's intention is to further provide the viewer with the tools and understanding it needs to step out of current limitations and instead experience the infinite potentiality we are all capable of.

Posted by Lilou Macé, on Wednesday, October 5th 2011 at 14:01 | Comments (2)
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1.Posted by maximax on 01/19/2012 9:55 AM
Have you heard or maybe read the books of Jean-Emile Charon? (L'esprit cet inconnu, Mort voici ta défaite, and J'ai vécu 15 milliard d'année)?

2.Posted by Gillian Treacy on 01/20/2012 1:52 AM
This is one of the clearest and most comprehensive articulations of Truth I have come across in filmic form. Thanks for sharing it Lilou.

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