The incredible & inspiring story of Michel Domit, El Santuario, Mexico


In 1989 the Grupo Domit passed through a bad financial moment. They offered Michel the mountain where today is El Santuario, but he declined the proposal. However, at that nights´ meditation, his father, who died when he has 12 years old, told him not only that he should buy it, but that his life mission would be to transform it in an international example of connivance between men and environment.
"He told me that its name should be El Santuario, a place where square meter should be more expensive than surroundings and people would pay. That way, everyone who internationally makes business with land would understand that we have to stop chopping it; they would throw away the old merchandising scheme and would start to preserve it in big extensions".

At past century's beginning, don Antonio Domit left a little Lebanese town embedded in a mountain, searching new horizons. Arrived at México with only 20 years old, having no money and speaking no Spanish. At 1927 had open his first shoe making workshop with his brothers. Step by step, with a lot of work and devotion, the workshop keeps growing, until 1942 when they opened the first factory.

Paradoxically, Michel has to get in charge of his father legacy when he was 20 years old and with great sorrow left behind his starting career as filmmaker to devote him self to family business.

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1.Posted by Ingrid on 11/20/2011 4:29 AM
I have met so many amazing people through your tour, Lilou, and Michel Domit is one of them. It's incredible what can happen when we listen to our hearts. There are many beautiful people dedicated to bring consciousness and teach others, we might not meet them in our every day life, but your work and videos are a solid proof of that.

Michel, su corazón es grande y generoso. Supo escuchar y obedecer el mensaje que la Madre Tierra, la naturaleza, le dió y es por ello que pudo construir este maravilloso santuario de amor. Este santuario va a ayudar a muchos a encontrar el camino del amor y la unión con lo Divino. Muchas gracias.

Thank you Lilou, your videos help many people feel more connected.



2.Posted by Piero on 11/21/2011 4:18 PM
This interview was perfect for me, it answered so many questions I didn't even asked, and some I was asking too. As an architecture student, it's so great to see we can have this relationship with the hearth we're building on, as everything could be so perfect, with so much coherence, and love. Thank you Michel, thank you Lilou.

3.Posted by Daphne on 12/08/2011 1:05 PM
thank you...

4.Posted by Gigi on 12/10/2011 2:22 AM
WOW! wow! et re-WOW!!!! De tous tes intervews Lilou, c'est celui que je préfère. Et tu peux être certaine que j'irai faire un voyage au Mexique en novembre 2012 sur la montage de Daniel. Très inspirant comme interview. Fiou! Mucho gracias Lilou.

5.Posted by Jock on 01/01/2014 11:14 PM
He keeps talking in the interview about preserving the land, but he built all those houses and sold them at high prices. Look at all the houses on his web site! Not passive solar, not solar . . . It makes me sad, because he believes he is the solution when he is the problem.


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