Conscious Convergence pre-Ninth wave July 17-18, 2010: Intention for the unity consciousness

Creating the intention for the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar! Carl Johan Calleman, international scientist and expert of the Mayan Calendar since 1979 makes recommendations here on the pre-wave preparations leading to the 9th wave.

Mayan consciousness

Conscious convergence is coming up soon! Creating the intention for the unity consciousness
of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar!

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31.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/21/2010 12:26 AM
Cribbs: I just send an email to you, I hope you get it.
Is all alright? how is everything with you? Much Love

30.Posted by cribbs on 04/20/2010 7:32 PM
still nothing? my elmail is

29.Posted by cribbs on 04/18/2010 11:51 AM
i know alcohol is bad, im not a frequent drinker and i dont need it at all. i think i forgot the capitals ill try it again.

28.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/17/2010 6:06 PM
Dear Cribbs: my email is working, but I have not received any from you.What's your email?
The first thing you are doing wrong is contaminating your body with alcohol.Happiness comes from inside not from outside.You most respect your vessel and learn to love body, body is highly connected with the planet, so is your thinking mind. By raising your vibratory aura you are raising the planet's as well.

27.Posted by cribbs on 04/17/2010 1:40 PM
Isbeludi11, did you get my e-mails? what do you mean by the planet will raise too? do i feel more connected with the planet? my balance and rhythm improved, i seem to rely on my senses more and more. i dont think your e-mail is working or i am just impatient, my hangover headace fades away while meditating as well, thanks alot

26.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/14/2010 9:48 PM
Sure, I am most pleased .If you ascend the planet will raise too.Do not be afraid to contact me if you need more info .

25.Posted by cribbs on 04/14/2010 8:27 PM
my senses also feel stronger and i have a lot of spine shivers, everything seems brighter. thank u Isbeludi11

24.Posted by cribbs on 04/14/2010 8:11 PM
what you told me worked i did it for 15 minutes but it feld like 5.

23.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/13/2010 12:06 AM
Focus in your heartbeat, focus in your breathing.Repeat a sentence in your mind over and over, I am God and God is I, say this to yourself until you drop.:)

22.Posted by cribbs on 04/12/2010 8:56 PM
i tried to meditate again, i used to a few years ago and it calmed me and cleared my mind and vision on everything, but now my mind seems ocupied with other things, its hard to focus, you have any tips?

21.Posted by cribbs on 04/12/2010 8:51 PM
like when you think you are sick you really get sick.

20.Posted by cribbs on 04/12/2010 8:09 PM
so if i think negative, negative could happen.

19.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/12/2010 4:37 PM
If you have negative files it will backfire because you link yourself with the negative web, when you are thinking you are in the air , if you think positive you link positive and will manifest positive, and yes positive in general, all things have 2 poles negative-positive is we who decide which pole to see.Music is quantum, everything in the universe is musical, and if you feel happy listening by all means continue listening reggae, a good way of making positive thoughts is visualization.Use your imagination to create and hold the image as much as you can , you are creating a path an interdimensional path as well a memory file.Love much

18.Posted by cribbs on 04/12/2010 10:43 AM
you re not cunfusing at all, the toughts feed our ego, but what do you mean by backfireing when you least expect it? maybe i should find out for myself. by positive thought u mean positive in general, or personal positive, or did i just made that difference? reggeamusic makes me feel good and happy is it a good way to make positive thoughts?

17.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/11/2010 9:28 PM
The ego is going to context your thoughts, and it tries to sallow your mind.Listen, in the brain we have little electrical cells that is called neurotransmissores, they create a memory path every time you think and it files it in your memory bank, throughout your life you will build the ego by this memories you file.Is in the best interest of any human to file more positives thoughts than negatives because it will backfire on you when you least expected. Do not argue with your ego, put more positive memories in there even if you have to create them, and this is when meditation comes handy, the more positive paths you create the more you are going to feel, because sooner or late the memory has to delete in order to give room for the new ones. It will be no more rainy days, when you talk you are manifesting a thought, so you may very well be talking and thinking at the same time without using memory except the one required.I hope I am not confusing you, and if I am let me know I will try to explain.

16.Posted by cribbs on 04/11/2010 9:04 PM
you make alot of sense to me Isbeludi11 . ill think as positive as possible, ive always been the nuetral one i dont know anyone who hates me. sometimes i cant distinguish talking from toughts, there seems to be no difference bitween tinking or talking, is it something like that u mean with the ego and soul?
rainy days them gone.

15.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/11/2010 6:57 PM
Cribbs: We are all connected, atomically , chemically, and most of all we are part of the whole picture.
When you dream you are intergalactic, your quantum body remains busy and most like it all of that you dreamed really happened in another dimension.You just have to remain open to other realities, the vessel that carries your soul is the ego and is going to argue all your thoughts , body is in survival mode meaning that this around us is body's reality , body is still in evolution and our job is to shape that evolution.
My take is that you are been called for service to the whole, and your guides are trying to get you to become more accessible to the quantum world, the Earth is now ascending and most of us are here to help.Let your heart guide your next move, live in the now for the now is what exist.Tomorrow has to be created by the planet, and positive thinking is the best path you can take, communicate with the world, feel other people's thoughts, exercise the gift.Do not feel bad by asking me questions, I will be glad to answer you in the best of my ability, after all I am in service to the whole. Love much.

14.Posted by cribbs on 04/11/2010 6:18 PM
i have one final quiestion for you Isbeludi11. as a child i had a nightmare over and over again from the age of 8 to 10 years, i was picking flowers in a hill/mounten like area there where other people too. the flowers i picked up fell to the ground every time i could not get a grip on them, then there was the sound of the sun and there where weird vihicels with reptilian like creatures in them i was taken by them in their vihicels, where the took me and what they did i dont know but it made me wake up crying and desperate. the weird thing is i live in The Netherlands where there are no hills, and i was compared to a cartoon lizard by some classmates.
what i meant by empathy is, do i feel what other people feel or can you call it a form of comunicating?

13.Posted by cribbs on 04/11/2010 2:48 PM
tanks, sorry for al the questing, im just curious. the fact most dont believe our ancestors is really ridiculous. you just dont put so much effort in a hoax. i feel the time is close, but not everybody is suited for this, it seems to work best with people i know, the connection with them seems to be stronger like im tuned in on them. so do you think empathy exists?

12.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/10/2010 9:08 PM
Cribbs: I give you an example, visualize the electromagnetic field of the Earth, that is the the aura of the Planet, we have the same electromagnetic net, connect that net with your imagination to the surroundings, become everything that is beautiful.create a virtual world, a place where you go and feel
happy, add a new room every time you go there, use colors, create a color on the walls, in another words you are becoming quantum while you are in this place, love yourself.Detach yourself from body for body is the vessel an extension of the planet is the housing of the soul, actually body is the ego, what thinks in you is the pilot.You don't need to try hard, the potential is there in default mode. Our energy brain is connected with the main intelligence we call God, is like a big computer that we download information from all the time because is holding our quantum memory, and knows what is our contract at that particular life.Love to you.

11.Posted by cribbs on 04/10/2010 7:09 PM
thank u very much Isbeludi11. what could help me to use my full potential? should i only accept it or should i try harder to get better.

10.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 04/10/2010 6:32 PM
cribbs: Your higher self is the higher self of many, is possible that at some point the many of you were around at the same time due to the law of attraction. What think in us is omnipresent, is that electrical part of us that is eternal and is in constant motion all the time, is the energy brain that your body insulates.The problem is that you need to activate the God that you are and learn to accept this phenomena as part of the way we are, you are divinity.For a long time the human has been dormant under the reality of a holographic world designed to keep you operating at low density level not using your full potential. I hope I help any with this explanation.Feel my love.

9.Posted by cribbs on 04/10/2010 3:00 PM
people tell me what i think seconds after i had the thought, while it was not my intention to lett them know me they had the same thoughts, i did not ask them what they tought i was thinking about. (still get it?). can this be explained? it happens to me more and more often these days. i dont know if it has anything to do with this 9th wave. (i dont say i am perspicacious, or whatever)...

8.Posted by Dodo on 03/19/2010 9:40 AM
@Isbeludi11 What you're writing makes sense to me. And explains why there is no manifest 10th wave.
I am "racing the vibrations".. :o)
one love

7.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 03/19/2010 1:08 AM
Dr Calleman is actually right, is all about our own thoughts, the Maya's perception was based on the creation of those moments, the way they saw the universe moving around in waves that they made their own prediction.Actually 9 means completion in numerology. But we as one can create a new wave in the positive realm, a new calendar that will manifest in time for again time is an illusion.We are the creators of the reality we see and it would be nice if all of us unite in one consciousness and race the vibrations of the planet, for we are the universe.The dense reality of negative thoughts and fear will eventually fade away.Good teaching.

6.Posted by Lilou Mace on 03/18/2010 8:51 AM
Yes the video works from here as well. But you can find it on Youtube as well!

5.Posted by Dodo on 03/17/2010 9:45 PM
works fine here. ...

4.Posted by Lucie on 03/17/2010 9:09 PM
Just to say: that the video does not work today, i tried several times, no sound, no picture?? Same happens when you go on youtube

3.Posted by Dodo on 03/16/2010 2:53 AM
... i meant "Thank you to the both of you for sharing and all your work"!


2.Posted by Dodo on 03/16/2010 2:52 AM
one love = unity consciousness

Very acute questioning, Lilou - as always!
Thank you both for you work and your sharing!

Anybody wants to meet up for the weekend of the 17/18 for meditation? :o)

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