YOGA: the science of life - Ron Katwijk, Seoul KOREA

Body Fitness, Yoga & Health

Lilou Mace @ Inspire'd - Corporate to YouTube Star

Médias & Lilou Interviewée

Dr Joe Dispenza - You Are the Placebo : Making Your Mind Matter (part 2)


Commune with Spirits & Lumeria - Ev Zepernick

Channeling & Astrology

Bringing our vision into reality - Taj Jure

Spirituality & Divinity

Jacob Liberman Part 2


Jacob Liberman Part 1


Lilou Macé, webTV host, intimate meaningful conversation

Media & Lilou Being interviewed!

Alan Cohen: Beyond illusions. Journey from fear to love - Big Island, Hawaii


What if YOU are the change the world requires ? Dr Dain Heer


One minute meditation - Michel Pascal

Meditations & Visualizations

Burn out: signs & How to avoid it? Dr Kamami, Paris


Can meditation cure disease? Tibetan lama Phakyab Rinpoche cured his gangrene-stricken leg

Meditations & Visualizations

How to shift your life and from negative thoughts - Marion Ross

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals - Linda Bender


We are media!! Reinventing the role of media - Duane Elgin (part 2)

Economy & Society

The Living Universe: Who Are We? Where Are We Going? - Duane Elgin, Japan

New Paradigm

What is oneness and unity? - Rabbi Ted Falcon, Japan


Inspiring story of young Korean, Sungwan Won, 24, choosing a less conventional path

Parenting, Family & Kids

Masaru Emoto dies : his research on water, his legacy and new research by Dr Nemoto Yasuyuki, Tokyo

Science & Quantum Physics

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