What is oneness and unity? - Rabbi Ted Falcon, Japan


Masaru Emoto dies : his research on water, his legacy and new research by Dr Nemoto Yasuyuki, Tokyo

Science & Quantum Physics

Sometimes miracles look different than expected! Follow the signs!


What is your purpose? - Nahko and Medicine for the People


From Positive-Negative perception to Higher-Lower vibrations

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

How to control my ejaculation? José Toirán (part 3)


Philip Shepherd - Bringing clarity to a chaotic world

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

Going deeper in the experience of life - IGOR KUFAYEV

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

Lies about HEALTH: HIV, Alkaline, Fasting, Vegan - Dr William, Thailand

Nutrition & Healthy foods

Being a channel of divine light - Christa Ohly

Channeling & Astrology

Female ejaculation: why and how - José Toirán


March 19th : IMPORTANT INFORMATION: manifest today your highest vision


Being vegetarian and blood type - Dr Angela Longo (part 2)

Body Fitness, Yoga & Health

Tools for Living Quantum Resplendency - Dr Angela Longo

Science & Quantum Physics

Review of the Alpha one 7-day training at Biocybernaut Institute, Sedona

Science & Quantum Physics

Understanding constipation and techniques to release it - Sarina Stone (part 2)

Body Fitness, Yoga & Health

Chi Nei Tsang and sexual energy of the Tao - Sarina Stone

Detox & Cleanse

Life pulse massage and sexual energy - Tao with Aisha Sieburth


Darkroom's organic visions vs. magic mushrooms & drugs - Mantak Chia part 2

Spirituality & Divinity

Orgasmic pulse: deeper levels of orgasm - José Toirán


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